Attilio Licciardello says customers are even less patient since the pandemic

Attilio Licciardello says customers are even less patient since the pandemic

The founder of unified communications firm Mida Solutions discusses the delivery of enhanced experiences within Microsoft Teams

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Executives know that the way in which they handle customer interactions plays a key role in the success of their business.

To satisfy customers, they must provide seamless experiences and meet demand for first-contact resolution. However, for their employees to be able to offer this type of service, they must have access to reliable unified communications (UC) solutions. Attilio Licciardello, founder and general manager of Mida Solutions, explains how his firm’s intutitive, affordable and Microsoft-certified UC suite empowers enterprises worldwide to deliver professional communications within Microsoft Teams.

What are the biggest challenges businesses face when it comes to managing UC?    
Over the past few years, enterprises have been increasingly moving communications to the cloud and have been struggling to efficiently connect both employees and customers to the new ecosystems. This became​​ particuarly problematic during the sudden move to hybrid working. Now that hybrid working is here to stay, the biggest challenge for many businesses is to integrate multiple innovative UC solutions to successfully manage conversations and offer the best possible customer experience. It’s essential for companies to choose a flexible, intuitive and reliable platform that offers all the functionalities they need and also integrates seamlessly with other information systems and business services, especially those certified for use with Microsoft Teams.

What is the Mida C3 Cloud Contact Center and what key features does it ​​offer? 
Mida C3 is an affordable and reliable platform for professional automatic call distribution and routing, which enables organisations of any size to efficiently manage all their corporate communications within Microsoft Teams. Designed for use in organisations of any size, the customisable Mida C3 application offers core features such as a queueing and routing engine and an automated responder, as well as a couple of companion products – the Attendant Console and Supervisor Console. Together, these solutions increase customer service agents’ productivity. The intuitive and customisable solution integrates with both Microsoft Dynamics and Power BI, allowing businesses to track users’ performance and identify ways to significantly enhance it.

How does Mida C3 improve both the employee and customer experience?  
Customers have always demanded that their problems be solved quickly but they’ve become even less patient since the pandemic. Businesses are aware that they need to respond to customers more quickly than ever before, so they’re asking Mida to support their new customer-centric strategies by empowering contact centre agents with the right UC solutions to seamlessly fulfil their daily tasks. Using Mida C3 to streamline agents’ tasks significantly enhances the customer experience, thereby driving business growth.

Tell us about ​​Mida Compliance Recorder and how can it help businesses.
Certified for use with Teams, Mida Compliance Recorder is an easy-to-configure virtual appliance that enables enterprises to record conversations in compliance with specific national laws, company policies or security practices. It supports mutliple recording methods and all files (and their associated metadata) are encyrypted, compressed and marked with an anti-tamper signature so they can be archived securely in the customer’s preferred storage platform. Files can be archived in the country where the conversations were recorded and only authorised users can search for, play and download these recordings, which cannot be modified in any way.

Due to its high reliability, Mida Recorder is used by organisations with multi-site structures such as emergency call centres, railway phone networks, highway agencies, financial institutions, public administrations, oil, gas, energy and other utility providers, and many others. In addition to helping them meet legal requirements, Mida Recorder also allows companies to analyse conversations to better understand the needs and expectations of their customers and identify any opportunities to increase service performance or improve staff training.

Mida is proud to provide to these businesses an intuitive flexible professional recording system that is fully integrated with Teams, one of the most widely adopted collaborations and communication ecosystems.

Which industries can use Mida C3 and Mida Recorder solutions?
Both our UC solutions for Microsoft Teams are suitable for private and public environments, with their flexible and modular architecture and our pay-as-you-grow pricing model making them suitable for businesses of any size. Customers can rely on our more than 18 years of experience in delivering secure and integrated UC solutions to ensure they can efficiently meet their corporate requirements.

Our customers are service providers, system integrators and companies in the finance, transportation,  security and safety, and command and control markets. One notable example is a French asset management firm that relies on Mida Recorder to safely encrypt and store conversations in the countries they were recorded in to guarantee compliance with the latest privacy and security regulations. Our certified solutions make it easy for them to deliver professional conversations and the best possible customer service from within Teams.

We take care of all our customers’ specific needs and we are glad to provide a solution that meets them. 

Mida C3 and Mida Recorder both received Microsoft Teams certification in 2022. What does this certification show about the quality of your solutions?  
Becoming the first Italian company to obtain this prestigious certification is a huge achievement – it shows customers worldwide that our solutions are fully compatible with Teams and meet Microsoft’s high quality, interoperability and security standards. Consequently, they can be confident that Mida’s solutions will provide the advanced features they need to handle a high volume of conversations and securely track and store them in compliance with the latest regulations and business requirements.

Achieveing this certification also highlights our continued willingness to provide advanced UC solutions that meet the demands of our clients and enhance the employee and customer experience.

How will Mida expand or evolve its enterprise communication offerings in the future?
Microsoft Teams certification is just one of many important goals we’d like to achieve as part of our strategy to elevate our solutions and empower our clients to deliver better experiences for their agents and customers. We’ve already streamlined the activation process and upgraded the web portals associated with our solutions to ensure they work more seamlessly and intuitively. In addition, we’ve released a version of Mida C3 with new conversation features and integrations, and in the future, we plan to extend our partner network to help us evolve our solutions as technologies change and show our clients how analysing UC data can optimise their performance.

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