Automation for modern manufacturers

Automation for modern manufacturers

ICONICS’ integrated software solutions provide an easy way to meet multiple automation needs 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Manufacturers around the world have a wider variety of automation software solutions to choose from than ever before, but they’re seeking integrated, comprehensive solutions that cover multiple real-world requirements. 

ICONICS, a global provider of automation software (recently partnered with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation), has over 30 years of experience in the market. The company’s aim is to “Make the Invisible Visible” and help customers to discover data where it may not have been previously found – and put it to its most beneficial use. ICONICS does this through the development of HMI/SCADA, data analytics, rapid historian, cloud connectivity and data mobility software solutions. These are separate pieces specifically designed to work in unison to meet customers’ complete automation needs.

ICONICS GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA suite is the company’s flagship product, evolved from one of the first graphical user interface-based, Windows operating system-integrated HMI/SCADA solutions available. The latest version (10.96) includes features such as a holographic machine interface, voice machine integration and advanced internet of things (IoT) connectivity.

The company’s AnalytiX suite complements GENESIS64, with data analysis and other tools that help improve customers’ productivity, efficiency, quality and sustainability. AnalytiX 10.96 introduces a new Connected Field Service solution, as well as improvements to its business intelligence, data bridging, reporting and quality analysis capabilities. Multiple efficiency improvements were made in the complementary Hyper Historian for 10.96, allowing it to continue to handle the most mission-critical applications that demand the highest level of availability and unparalleled performance.

IoTWorX is ICONICS’ IoT software solution for any edge device. It was specifically designed to help bridge the gap between IT and operational technology, working in conjunction with other ICONICS products. Improved for 10.96, IoTWorX brings a whole new level of connectivity and portability to IoT edge devices, including support for multiple operating systems, a local IoT data collector and a new built-in MQ Telemetry Transport information broker. ICONICS MobileHMI software’s aim is to deliver instant key performance indicators and alerts on any device at any time, providing additional benefits through its connection to other ICONICS software tools. New in 10.96, MobileHMI features camera control support, improved scheduling, and remote expert technology that can be used with a tablet or wearable computing device to provide onsite video assistance to an offsite experienced technician.

Manufacturers can certainly attempt to build a similar complete system piece by piece, but integrated software provides the easiest and fastest way for them to meet multiple automation needs. 

Melissa Topp is the senior director of global marketing at ICONICS

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