Avanade partners with Feitian to deliver password-less security

Avanade partners with Feitian to deliver password-less security

Move aims to remove risk of stolen passwords and reduce IT administration workloads 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Avanade has partnered with Feitian Technologies, a provider of information security solutions, to improve cybersecurity procedures by removing passwords.  

The new partnership builds on Avanade’s experience of working with clients to deliver innovative and secure cloud solutions and noticing that the most serious and frequent security breaches are a result of stolen passwords that are obtained through phishing. To combat this, Avanade partnered with Feitian to deliver password-less Fast Identity Online (FIDO) authentication and biometric security solutions.  

“FIDO is the most secure form of authentication available,” said Sachin Desai, director of Microsoft 365, identity and Intune at Avanade. “Having the right security to protect clients’ data is one of the reasons clients trust us in this ever-changing, complex digital world.”  

According to Microsoft, Feitian’s FIDO security keys enable fully authenticated access without passwords. Deployed by Avanade, these solutions integrate smoothly with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and build upon existing Microsoft security features with password-less capabilities.  

The password-less solution also reduces IT administration workflows that are associated with managing lost or compromised passwords. “Every time there is a password reset, studies indicate that it’s between $75 and $125,” said Michael Gwynn, director of Strategic Projects at Feitian. “We can reduce that cost and virtually eliminate password resets.” 

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