AvePoint launches Entrust and Ransomware Detection products

AvePoint launches Entrust and Ransomware Detection products

The releases improve administration and responses to suspicious behaviour for Microsoft 365 users

Elly Yates-Roberts |

AvePoint, a data management platform provider, has released two new applications, Entrust and Ransomware Detection, to streamline the management and security of Microsoft 365 users, processes and data insights.

Released on 10 March 2022, Entrust allows users to delegate administrative control, centralise and monitor IT activity and maximise their investments in the Microsoft ecosystem. Businesses can use the application to increase control and visibility across Microsoft 365 tenants.

The main features and capabilities of Entrust include flexible and secure administration, which is enabled through its role-based access control architecture, as well as consolidated activity dashboards, which give businesses a better understanding of the applications and features users leverage the most.

“As digital collaboration proliferates, the responsibilities for IT teams have simultaneously increased and become more difficult to manage, especially if you are managing multiple cloud tenants for a single organisation or trying to serve the disparate needs of a large organisation within a single tenant,” said John Peluso, chief product officer at AvePoint. “We developed Entrust to alleviate the burden on IT, and make it easier for businesses to remain agile and highly secure when managing their Microsoft 365 tenants.”

The company’s Ransomware Detection within Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 was released on 8 March 2022 and provides security for users who digitally collaborate with data. The new capability detects suspicious behaviour within users’ Microsoft OneDrive accounts while minimising disruption to productivity and collaboration.

Ransomware Detection has new features such as early event detection, quick investigation and faster restore from quality backup.

“Ransomware attacks have become one of the top security threats for organisations, especially as increased digital collaboration opens up more vulnerabilities,” said Dr. Tianyi Jiang, CEO and co-founder of AvePoint. “In 2021 alone, ransomware attacks hit companies every 11 seconds and the average cost to recover is in the millions of dollars. With the launch of Ransomware Detection, AvePoint continues to deliver on our promise of securing digital collaboration for enterprises across the globe.”

Cloud Backup allows businesses to defend against ransomware attacks and ensure organisational business continuity.

“Although enterprises all over the world have embraced hybrid work, most still have a long way to go when it comes to enabling a seamless, secure experience for their employees,” said John Peluso, chief product officer at AvePoint. “The rise of hybrid work environments has created a great burden for the IT department. The challenge to provide ready access of critical business information to remote employees, while ensuring the security and management of confidential data and protection of data and systems from increases in cyberattacks like ransomware, all act as barriers to helping employees realise the anticipated benefits from powerful cloud collaboration tools.

“AvePoint’s newest releases, Ransomware Detection and Entrust have a commonality in that they help businesses to collaborate with confidence – making it easy for employees to do the right thing – no matter where or how they work.”

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