Barbri chooses Microsoft Azure-based video editor, Blackbird

Barbri chooses Microsoft Azure-based video editor, Blackbird
The law exam preparation company will use Forbidden Technologies’ software to improve training videos

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Law examination preparation company Barbri has chosen Forbidden Technologies’ Blackbird, a cloud workstation experience, to improve the quality of its online training videos in the Microsoft Azure cloud. 

Barbri will use Blackbird Edge to push online training videos into Microsoft Azure, where its media production team can then edit and add graphics using Blackbird Forte. Videos will then be moved to Barbri’s learning management system, so they can be published on the content delivery network and accessed by students.

Storing and processing content on Microsoft Azure will eliminate the need for Barbri to implement expensive on-premise equipment and infrastructure. The scalable and flexible combination of Blackbird and Microsoft Azure will also enable Barbri’s employees to use an efficient workflow to produce videos from anywhere. The software also enables secure video editing and distribution by anyone on any device using bandwidths as low as 2MB per second.


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