Bic uses Azure and AI to create 'next generation shaving experiences'

Bic uses Azure and AI to create 'next generation shaving experiences'

Partnership with Satori Analytics invites customers into product development via the cloud 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Global manufacturer Bic is using the Microsoft Azure cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop the next generation of smart shavers. In partnership with Satori Analytics, the firm invited its customers into the product innovation process.  

Satori aims to enhance decision-making for businesses and their consumers by collecting data on how products are used. Bic wanted to improve its shaver designs based on real-world user insights, so started working with Satori by collecting edge data from connected shavers and applying AI analysis.  

“Our use of Azure Cloud through Satori's deep know how in databases has enabled us to connect specific information regarding skin, colour and hair density, allowing us to determine what's the best solution for each user and provide customised recommendations through the mobile app,” said Giorgos Georgakis, digital technology manager at Bic. “It was critical for us to have all user data consolidated under one umbrella and communicated to our cloud in Azure.” 

Data was collected from 2,500 shaving sessions and 600,000 individual strokes, which was then run through AI analysis in Azure. As a result, Bic was able to gather insights to design intelligent products that address customers’ skincare needs.  

“The results are obviously going to be a great boost for Bic,” said Michael Georgakopoulos, CEO of Satori Analytics. “Because it has deeply integrated customers’ needs and uses into the design process, it can now create personalised shaving experiences and products. I believe this project’s success has the potential to affect Bic’s product research and development for the entire global market, not just a single market.” 

“Going forward, everything at BIC will become data-driven,” said Georgakis.


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