Blue Shield collaborates with Microsoft to build data hub on Azure

Blue Shield collaborates with Microsoft to build data hub on Azure

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Cloud adoption has helped healthcare insurance provider to reduce the time taken for processing complex transactions from 70 hours to 90 minutes

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Nonprofit healthcare insurance plan provider Blue Shield of California has partnered with Microsoft to build a new data hub on Microsoft Azure.

The data hub, named Blue Shield’s Experience Cube, will bring together member, provider and payer data – such as information about health conditions, lab results and medications – in a real-time view. This will help Blue Shield create more personalised services and improve members’ access to healthcare.

“Our goal is to create high-tech, high-touch experiences for our members that are holistic and personalised by removing long-standing silos and bringing together data in the cloud,” said Lisa Davis, executive vice president and chief information officer at Blue Shield of California. “Microsoft's cloud technology can help Blue Shield better coordinate with providers to open up greater access to care and services for our members. When data is available in near-real time, it enables shared decision-making among members and providers to improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care.”

Blue Shield is also working with Microsoft to address the computational challenges it faces when processing large amounts of data. To date, they have reduced the time taken to process complex transactions from 70 hours to 90 minutes and accelerated one deployment of a core health system into the cloud by nine months.

“We were excited to collaborate with Blue Shield of California because of its innovative Health Reimagined vision and commitment to the health of their communities,” said Tyler Bryson, corporate vice president of US health and public sector industries at Microsoft. “We are proud to serve as Blue Shield of California's digital backbone and empower it to deliver exceptional member experiences, modernise operations, and foster more collaboration with providers to help members achieve their best possible health outcomes.”

Blue Shield will continue working with Microsoft to incorporate additional clinical, care and case management, and cost data into Experience Cube. The two firms are also exploring how artificial intelligence and machine learning technology could be used to strengthen insights.

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