Braincube works with RapidMiner on overall analytical effectiveness concept

Braincube works with RapidMiner on overall analytical effectiveness concept

Partnership enables manufacturers to transform operations with higher quality data

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Braincube, a smart industrial internet of things (IIoT) platform and advanced business app suite provider, has partnered with RapidMiner, a provider of a full-lifecycle data science platform. This partnership aims to help manufacturers better use their to improve their production processes.

Building on the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) concept, Braincube and RapidMinder have developed an overall analytical effectiveness (OAE) solution that focuses on easy-to-access and easy-to-analyse data to drive data-rich decisions. Designed for data experts and citizen data scientists, users can leverage enhanced analysis through artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) predictions and prescriptions to achieve measurable results that can be replicated across multiple sites.

Braincube and RapidMiner aim to improve manufacturers’ OAE by reducing data complexity through streamlined data centralisation and structuration; improving data literacy by closing the skills gap with easy-to-use, low-code/no-code applications; and empowering shop floor experts to use advanced analytics techniques to identify anomalies, predict manufacturing outcomes and optimise production through prescriptive modelling.

“Digital transformation in industry will come from adoption of powerful apps by teams,” said Laurent Laporte, Braincube CEO. “Braincube is supporting this transition with its platform and smart app suite. Our ambition is to cover more and more use cases, and one way to do this is to offer new tools that enable customers to effectively build on-demand apps. That’s where our partnership with RapidMiner brings this incredible capability to our offering. Together we can cover any industrial need, from generic to specific.”

With this integration, the RapidMiner platform can be integrated into the Braincube IIoT architecture, allowing users to leverage their contextualised digital twin database within the native and RapidMiner models.

 “Manufacturers have really struggled to extract value from historical shop floor data to make better decisions,” said Fred Gedling, vice president of corporate development at RapidMiner. “Together with Braincube, we enable manufacturers to transform their operations with even more data, of higher quality and from a wider variety.”

Joanne Boyd, global service team manager for advanced analytics at Sappi, said: “Leveraging Braincube’s digital twins together with the RapidMiner machine learning and AUTO ML tools, has empowered our domain experts and process engineers to develop models, gain insights and expedite predictive model deployments.”

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