Brillio uses Microsoft Azure to deliver sustainable supply chain solution

Brillio uses Microsoft Azure to deliver sustainable supply chain solution


Businesses can use the tool to simulate supply chains using digital twins for insights into carbon emissions and efficiency 

Amber Hickman |

Digital transformation solution provider Brillio is using Microsoft Azure to help businesses build more efficient supply chains whilst meeting environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. 

Its solution, Sustainable Supply Chain with Smart Technologies, leverages the Azure cloud platform and digital twin technology to collect and analyse data, run simulations, make predictions and visualise insights.  

Supply chain managers can simulate supply chains and scenarios, which can optimise networks and provides ESG and carbon emission scores so that organisations can make decisions with sustainability in mind. 

“The sustainability imperative has taken great momentum as economic situations, regulations, investors and customers are demanding more measures to improve environmental and social responsibilities while seeking transparent reporting,” said Chander Damodaran, chief technology officer at Brillio. “By leveraging Azure Cloud Platform and Digital Twin technology, we are taking a data-first approach to accelerate sustainability progress.” 

Brillio won the Hackathon Hero award for the solution at the Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Hackathon 2022, which acknowledges organisations that are creating solutions that drive progress in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 

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