Campari implements Microsoft tools for better customer experiences

Campari implements Microsoft tools for better customer experiences


Campari adopted Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and Power Platform to track the changes in customer habits

The drinks company has adopted Dynamics 365, Azure and Power Platform to improve its services

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Italian beverage company Campari Group has implemented Microsoft tools to personalise customer services and support data-driven decisions.

Campari is the sixth largest global supplier of premium alcoholic beverages, with more than 50 products in its portfolio and more than 4,000 employees. The company is using Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Marketing for customer relationship management (CRM), Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for its customer data platform, Azure to increase the capacity of its database and Power Platform to create front-end applications for customer use.

“The moments we build with consumers – whether at home, in restaurants and bars, or virtually – are moments that make people connect with our brands,” said Chad Niemuth, global vice president of information technologies at Campari.

Campari is working to increase the value of its consumer database and has doubled its number of employees within the global marketing capabilities and IT team to develop data-centred solutions.

“Our company sees what data can do in terms of activation, insights and personalisation,” said Liam Barnes, global IT director of marketing technologies at Campari. “We have a lot of incentives and great investment. If a client wants to manage an event signed by Campari Group, we are able to enable and provide the best tools for promoting events, whether virtual or in person, with application technology.” 

An app built through Power Apps collects customer data as events happen and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights generate tailored solutions to help Campari to anticipate customer habits and responses.

“Undeveloped regions or those with limited budgets can activate a campaign with little or no investment, or leverage those that are planned globally,” said Martina Navarra, global CRM manager at Campari. “The ability of the platform to be flexible and, at the same time, customisable to allow you to add sections and categories helps a lot, making it easier to identify targets and create custom solutions.”

Campari is also using Power BI to visualise data that can be used to inform campaign strategies. The company will continue to use Microsoft technology to develop effective strategies quickly and improve customer experience.

“We can see the impact of more personalised campaigns and journeys in real time, powered by more informed customer profiles in Customer Insights,” said Niemuth. “This has led to higher engagement scores.”   

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