CenturyLink joins Networking MSP Program for Microsoft Azure

CenturyLink joins Networking MSP Program for Microsoft Azure
Customers can use the new services to create secure and high-performing cloud solutions

Elly Yates-Roberts |

CenturyLink has joined the Networking Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program for Microsoft Azure to help customers better connect, migrate, manage and optimise their cloud environments. 

As part of the programme, CenturyLink now offers network and consultation services for Microsoft Azure to make it easier for customers to connect and build cloud solutions.

“Our customers need comprehensive support as they deploy an increasing array of applications in cloud environments like Microsoft Azure,” said Paul Savill, senior vice president of enterprise services at CenturyLink. “As an Azure Networking MSP partner with a global fibre footprint, we have the scale, reach and expertise to deliver integrated Azure cloud and hybrid networking solutions across the world and at the Edge.” 

CenturyLink's global fibre network and service capabilities can help customers improve application performance, lower cost and ensure security. 

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