ClickLearn focuses on CRM strategies in new podcast episode

ClickLearn focuses on CRM strategies in new podcast episode


Dan Madden joins hosts to discuss how digital adoption can drive value and growth 

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The new episode of ClickLearn’s Digital Adoption Talks podcast focuses on how digital adoption can help customer relationship management (CRM) leaders drive value and growth. 

Dan Madden, CRM director at financial services solution provider Ascensus, joins podcast hosts Rick McCutcheon and Joachim Schiermacher to discuss the use of digital adoption tools to positively support business growth. 

There are a few reasons why CRM managers struggle to get the results they need. These include not having adequate front-end learning and development resources, not embracing automated training, and having digital adoption projects that aren't fully supported.

To address the first barrier, Madden suggests that CRM teams should find a way to do more with less. This involves the automation of training and onboarding so that enterprises can increase the size of their user base.

Businesses that are not embracing automated training – such as tutorials, exams and walk-throughs – are losing out on the opportunity to remove barriers that are preventing user base expansion. However, ClickLearn highlights that creating these materials only requires a few team members and can have significant benefits, according to 

In order to fully support digital adoption projects, ClickLearn also suggests that enterprises should focus on the end user and their experience. By driving innovation around this area, businesses can further increase revenue and sales.

“Digital adoption solutions help CRM managers and partners drive value and scaling user base growth without increasing team size,” said Laura Reininger, content specialist at Clicklearn, in a recent blog post. “CRM managers who employ digital adoption tools effectively experience an exponential upswing of growth in their user base. ”

Listen to the Strategies for CRM Success podcast. 

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