ClickLearn launches new training software release as Attain

ClickLearn launches new training software release as Attain

Attain redesigned to provide better user experience for e-learning content creation

Elly Yates-Roberts |

ClickLearn has launched a new version of its onboarding and training software with a new name – Attain. The application has been redesigned to improve user experiences, with over 200 new features that can offer faster results in the creation of user instructions, e-learning and training documentation. 

The new release is based on customer feedback and as a result has an increased focus on collaboration, in-app guidance and built-in support.

“ClickLearn Attain is a key player in user adoption across business systems,” said Kristine Howkins Lange, editor in chief at ClickLearn. “Globally, more than 650 enterprise customers and over 8,000 trained authors use ClickLearn to automate the creation of content for documentation and training. To address the different learning styles of employees, you can use the application to produce materials in a wide variety of formats and languages from a single click. The automation of the content creation process creates considerable savings for organisations in terms of costs, resources, and time.”

Register for the Get Smarter Attain virtual conference that will take place on 13 October. 

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