CNPC Richfit uses Microsoft HoloLens to improve staff training

CNPC Richfit uses Microsoft HoloLens to improve staff training

Azure Kinect DK will help CNPC overcome space constraints while training large numbers

Elly Yates-Roberts |

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) Richfit is using Microsoft HoloLens to improve its training programmes for technicians and frontline employees in the oil and gas industry. The organisation will use the virtual reality technology alongside Microsoft’s computing developer kit – Azure Kinect DK – to overcome space constraints needed for training large numbers of staff.

CNPC Richfit will use HoloLens to construct 3D models to display information and on-site scenarios for training conducted in mixed reality. The solution will also provide users with virtual access to historical data of production environments, visual displays of gas reservoirs, wellbores and buried pipeline models, to ensure technicians can fully understand the conditions of allocated sites. Microsoft says that “this is critical in helping the workforce familiarise themselves with production equipment structure, process flow, and equipment operations of production sites at faster speeds”. 

“Unlike VR glasses, Microsoft HoloLens brings us a refreshing mixed reality experience,” said Sun Shisheng, head of CNPC Richfit’s engineering technology internet of things laboratory. “It breaks through the conventional human-computer interaction model and is not restricted by the environment. Its powerful SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) function makes the combination of the virtual and physical worlds more feasible, enabling us to substantially improve our training and research.”

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