Collaboration is key to stay ahead in transportation, says PayiQ CEO

Collaboration is key to stay ahead in transportation, says PayiQ CEO
Tuomo Parjanen explores the changing industry and how the company is evolving to meet it

Elly Yates-Roberts |

According to PayiQ CEO Tuomo Parjanen, collaboration is essential if transportation companies want to stay ahead in the changing market. 

In a recent blog post, he wrote that “car manufacturers face a diminishing market as people opt to not own a car,” while “ride-sharing companies, eScooter services and mobility-as-a-service operators are growing.” And he puts this mobility shift down to the emergence of digital opportunities. 

“When I meet city representatives, they tell me that they are hiring data analysts and IT experts more often than transportation planners,” he wrote. “In other words, they are building capabilities to meet the new age of transport.”

To meet this evolving shift, he advises that organisations “must be willing to sell partners’ and sometimes competitors’ services [in order to solve modern transportation needs for the customers].

“When we partner with our ecosystem partners like Microsoft or Visa/Cybersource we are sending them business but also receiving business from them,” he wrote. “To expand, we don’t open offices around the world. [Instead we] are agile and build relationships that lead to partnerships.” 

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