Colt to add to Microsoft 365 experience via Azure Peering Service

Colt to add to Microsoft 365 experience via Azure Peering Service
Enterprises can use a direct interconnection to enhance performance and ensure low latency 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Colt Technology Services is furthering its collaboration with Microsoft, having been named a launch partner for Microsoft Azure Peering Service. As a result, the firm aims to add value to the Microsoft 365 experience by providing a direct interconnection between its IP Access and the public Microsoft Network without intermediate providers. 

Prior to this, enterprises could connect to the cloud via public internet or a dedicated connection from Azure ExpressRoute and an ExpressRoute partner such as Colt. However, Azure Peering Service provides a third, uninterrupted option that will provide more reliable performance, low latency and optimised routing. 

“We know that many organisations are in the process of migrating their on-premises operations either partially or fully to the cloud,” said Peter Coppens, vice president of Colt’s product portfolio. “During such a digital transformation, organisations must have a connectivity provider that not only has the product set to facilitate these migrations, but also one that supports them through the transition.

“We are thrilled to be furthering our collaboration with Microsoft because we know that their cloud and software offerings coupled with Colt’s connectivity proposition have the power to enable enterprises as they shift towards the next generation workplace.”

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