Companial and DycoTrade launch new Dynamics 365 partner platform

Companial and DycoTrade launch new Dynamics 365 partner platform

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Novature platform aims to support partners and customers in digital transformation

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft partners Companial and DycoTrade have launched a new platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 called Novature. The joint venture aims to support independent software vendors (ISVs) and customers in their digital transformation journeys. 

Novature’s primary focus is to provide partners with access to a pool of knowledge and resources around Microsoft Dynamics Business Applications and Power Platform.  

“Digital transformation is the core of growth for companies all over the world,” said Louis Rustenhoven, CEO of Novature. “Our vision is that we will only be able to manage this when we act as a collective platform together with specialised Dynamics partners. It is the perfect starting point for partners and their customers to benefit from the advantages of a modern, scalable and specialised Microsoft-based business application platform.”

Novature will also provide partners with support in technical and business services, and training. 

“Novature will attract innovative business leaders who are happy to share their knowledge and experience with other businesses,” said Arie Willem van de Plas, CEO of DycoTrade. “Novature offers literally hundreds of years of Microsoft Dynamics experience. This is how to stay relevant as a partner and customer in this rapidly changing world.”

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