Core provides top tips to reduce IT fatigue

Core provides top tips to reduce IT fatigue
Research shows that managed services and cloud tech could improve operations

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Recent research by Microsoft partner Core shows that IT professionals are sufferings from high stress levels, long working hours and poor sleeping patterns. However, Core has some top tips to ensure that IT staff, who are at the heart of modern business operations in all industries, reduce fatigue and improve operations. 

Manage the work/life balance
With Covid-19 forcing most people to work from home where possible, IT staff may be able to use this business change to improve their own work/life balance and job satisfaction. Many organisations have quickly adapted to the new order and shown that it isn’t necessarily as complex or impactful to business as initially expected. 

Implement cloud technologies
IT staff who work in legacy environments spend the majority of their time making sure that business systems continue to operate correctly, so that they are unable to make progress elsewhere, which in turn makes them stressed and unproductive. Cloud technologies reduce this, enhance scalability and enable businesses to better meet their customer needs. 

Consider moving to managed services
Mid-size businesses, in particular, can transform the job satisfaction of overworked IT staff by removing the 24/7 burden of being the go-to for emergency problems. This frees them up to focus on more strategic, valuable and rewarding IT challenges. 

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