Cosmo Tech and Microsoft drive sustainability with digital twins

Cosmo Tech and Microsoft drive sustainability with digital twins
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Collaboration aims to help businesses optimise performance and carbon neutrality

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Simulation technology provider Cosmo Tech is working with Microsoft to use digital twins to drive sustainability outcomes, optimise performance and reach carbon neutrality.

Through the partnership, Cosmo Tech will integrate its Simulation Digital Twin technology with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins capabilities. Customers will be able to use the combined solutions to monitor systems in near-real time and simulate changes to improve enterprise planning, decision-making and financial functions. 

“The challenges facing global organisations striving to reduce carbon emissions are increasingly complex,” said Hugues de Bantel, CEO of Cosmo Tech. “Market disruptions demand more robustness and agility. With Simulation Digital Twins, decision-makers understand the impact of their decisions, they can test operational strategies before implementing them, and generate the resiliency they need to achieve sustainability in an uncertain future.”  

Simulation Digital Twins builds on Azure Digital Twins – which creates digital models of physical environments – to help users model hypothetical scenarios based on existing data or potential conditions and understand the future outcomes. As a result, businesses can test scenarios to reach sustainability and climate goals.

“Microsoft Azure customers are looking for ways to further benefit from their investments in data, internet of things (IoT) and edge artificial intelligence,” said Tony Shakib, partner general manager of Microsoft Azure IoT. “Our collaboration with Cosmo Tech and their 360-degree Simulation Digital Twin platform provides a mechanism for achieving sustainable outcomes through informed decision-making. With Cosmo Tech, Azure Digital Twin customers explore options, make accurate predictions, and generate optimal operational and strategic plans in line with their sustainability objectives.”

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