Crestron launches Crestron Flex Phones for Microsoft Teams

Crestron launches Crestron Flex Phones for Microsoft Teams

Device enables videoconferencing and one-touch connectivity to maximise productivity

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Workplace technology firm Crestron has launched Crestron Flex Phones. The portfolio of Microsoft Teams-certified desk phones feature videoconferencing capabilities, one-touch connectivity and enterprise-grade security to maximise productivity among users. 

According to Crestron, the firm has “leaned into its expertise in enterprise UC technology to engineer intelligent desk phones that are easy to install, use, support and upgrade”. It also says that the devices will help businesses employ permanent hybrid working models and streamline remote collaboration. 

“With videoconferencing cementing itself as a critical piece of the modern workplace, it’s less practical to task a laptop or a smartphone with hosting video, audio, and call-related content at the same time, especially if a user wants to use that device for note-taking or accessing files,” said Ranjan Singh, executive vice president of products and technology at Crestron. “In creating Crestron Flex Phones, we’re giving users their other devices back because they will now have a dedicated option to join a Teams call from or transfer a meeting to a second device. Crestron Flex Phones let users seamlessly conference from one device and share content from another – an approach adopted by many workers in today’s hybrid environments.”

The new phones offer video or audio-only options, high-quality cameras and microphones, large touchscreen displays and built-in support for Teams. Crestron says that this “frees other devices, like a laptop or PC, to be used as productivity tools during a meeting, fostering a collaboration experience that is more fruitful and less frustrating”. 

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