Daimler launches eXtollo with Microsoft Azure Key Vault

Daimler launches eXtollo with Microsoft Azure Key Vault
Cloud platform enables firm to migrate data while maintaining security

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Multinational automotive company Daimler has launched its new cloud platform eXtollo with Microsoft Azure Key Vault. The platform will enable the firm to migrate data to the cloud while maintaining enterprise-grade security. 

Having experienced issues with its on-premise data platform which lacked the flexibility and scalability needed for leveraging big data, Daimler wanted to move to the cloud, but its strict security standards prevented it from doing so. 

The launch of eXtollo with Microsoft solved the firm’s issues as Azure Key Vault provided safeguarding encryption keys and secrets, improving cloud-based security.  

“Together with Daimler, we’re applying the power of Azure to convert massive amounts of data into insights that will fuel innovation, while maintaining the highest standards of security,” wrote Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, on twitter. 

The solution enabled Daimler to migrate its data lake to the cloud, with eXtollo serving internal business units around the world. Hosted on Azure, the platform also enables further artificial intelligence projects to accelerate the firm’s innovation and better serve its customers. 

“Azure Key Vault was the lever for us to move into the cloud,” said Guido Vetter, head of Daimler’s Corporate Center of Excellence Advanced Analytics & Big Data in an interview with Microsoft Transform. “The biggest challenge for us internally is that we process confidential data. We don’t want this data to leak anywhere. But with ‘bring your own key’ in Azure Key Vault, we are in control of the data and encryption material. Nobody but us can use the data.”

Combined with services like Azure Active Directory, it gives us all the data protection and security we need to make sure everything is to our highest standards of security.”

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