Dathena launches tool to optimise data security spending

Dathena launches tool to optimise data security spending

Smart License Management uses AI to assign Microsoft 365 licenses and reduce costs

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Data protection company Dathena has launched a new tool – Smart License Management – to help businesses optimise their data security spending. The solution uses artificial intelligence to automatically assign and distribute Microsoft 365 license editions based on employees’ risk profiles and access to sensitive data. 

According to research from software company CoreView, 44 per cent of Microsoft 365 licenses are "underutilised or oversized”. Dathena is working to combat this by more effectively understanding the needs of users and assigning the required licenses. The company says: “Since only high-risk employees require the extended information protection and data governance capabilities of Microsoft’s E5 license, organisations can efficiently assign cheaper licenses to employees with less sophisticated needs.”

“Organisations face the unique challenge of expanding their security apparatus to manage remote working risks, while balancing budgetary constraints as Covid-19 continues to impact the global economy,” said Girija Balasubramanian, executive vice president of sales and partnerships at Dathena. “Smart License Management solves this exact problem, empowering decision makers to direct their security spend intelligently to keep data safe while reducing costs.”  

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