Denmark is using Office 365 for healthy productivity

Denmark is using Office 365 for healthy productivity
The country’s national healthcare system successfully migrated its most sophisticated workflows to the cloud

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The Ministry of Health Denmark is responsible for maintaining Denmark’s national healthcare policy and services for the elderly. With a staff of more than 2,000, the agency’s productivity is integral to its ability in effectively serving the citizens of Denmark.

When it came time to migrate from SharePoint 2003 to the cloud, the Ministry of Health’s IT department knew it would need a new workflow automation tool to migrate its existing Lotus Notes workflows to. Brian Jørgensen, project manager at the Ministry of Health sought a flexible process automation tool that would help the organisation scale, grow and maintain its automated processes.

The ministry worked with Nintex premier partner, ProActive, to implement the migration and new processes automation tool. After evaluating options for workflow, it chose Nintex for Office 365.

The project started with a review of the agency’s legacy Lotus Notes workflows and SharePoint 2003 architecture. With the new solution, the Ministry of Health hoped to better translate the business demands into effective and efficient workflows.

With the help of ProActive, the ministry’s existing automated processes and business requirements were reviewed and updated for optimisation in the migration. In the end, ProActive designed 33 new workflows, including some that were combined into larger, more flexible workflow solutions.

One of the processes updated by ProActive includes the agency’s job requisition and onboarding processes. The workflow starts when a hiring manager submits a request for added headcount, which then has to be approved by the hiring manager’s supervisor before it’s submitted to the HR department to fill.

“It’s a very long and complicated process, but the workflow keeps things on track,” says Jørgensen. “The approval, recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding process is covered all in one automated workflow.”

The workflow kicks off the end-to-end process to fill the role from advertising the job opening, to the interview process, to the onboarding process. Once the position is filled, all the information in the workflow is sent to IT and security to set up the new employee.

In addition to updating and optimising the organisation’s 33 workflows, ProActive is also providing training to support Nintex adoption for the agency’s super-users and central stakeholders. Ministry of Health Denmark employees are now empowered and able to update and maintain their own processes with ease thanks to Nintex’s powerful integration with Office 365. 

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