Digital Goodie expands e-commerce platform using Microsoft Azure

Digital Goodie expands e-commerce platform using Microsoft Azure

Company’s customisable solution aims to simplify digital operations for retailers

Richard Humphreys |

E-commerce solution provider Digital Goodie is expanding the reach of its retail platform by adding support for Microsoft Azure. Digital Goodie offers a fully customisable connected commerce platform for major retailers, with the aim of simplifying digital retail operations.

The platform comprises a full range of services, from mobile applications, to order management and fulfilment. Digital Goodie's software as a service (SaaS) native offering runs on a modular microservices architecture that allows for future-proof, easily scalable digital retail operations.

“Our customers are market leading retailers with massive sales volumes who are facing the challenges of digital disruption, which requires capabilities for fast innovation and integration cycles, and constant refinement of the customer experience,” said Digital Goodie CEO Kalle Koutajoki. “Our modular and cloud-native technology is perfect for scaling up, and lets our customers react fast to the constantly evolving market needs. It is natural that our customers want to have flexibility also in the choice of cloud providers, which is why so we are excited about adding another world-leading cloud platform at the base of our operations.”

“I'm pleased that Digital Goodie and Microsoft have established a partnership to adapt Digital Goodie's solutions to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform,” added Microsoft’s partner development manager Juhani Vuorio. “Microsoft is a partner-driven company so every time our customers and partners succeed, we succeed. We are very excited to welcome Digital Goodie onboard and look forward to successful collaboration.”

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