Directions EMEA: Sietze Meijer of Sana Commerce on the benefits of B2B e-commerce

Directions EMEA: Sietze Meijer of Sana Commerce on the benefits of B2B e-commerce

Sietze Meijer of Sana Commerce says companies are focused on improving the customer experience

How deploying an e-commerce platform can generate more sales and improve the customer experience

Alice Chambers |

E-commerce platform provider Sana Commerce joined Microsoft at Directions EMEA to highlight the potential benefits of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solutions.

Sietze Meijer, head of product at Sana Commerce, answered our questions on how their solution is helping customers.

What challenges are your customers currently facing?

We’ve conducted over 50 interviews with our customers to see what their biggest challenges have been over the last three months. We found that they are looking to integrate their processes into one experience for both their customers and employees.

Companies are also focusing on improving the customer experiences they provide, by personalising the buying experience to meet the complex needs of each customer.

How can you help with this?

Sana Commerce seamlessly provides data on product, pricing and channels, directly from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems so that businesses can prioritise selling products that will be popular. Our platform adapts itself to the logged-on customer to show customer-specific pricing, products and available stock.

In addition, we can help them derive insights from data. Sana Commerce Insights combines information not just from online performance, but also with customer and ERP data. This allows businesses to keep track of both their online and offline sales.

Data insights can also be used to tailor content such as product descriptions to make it as relevant as possible to potential customers. We’re incorporating artificial intelligence-powered tools like Microsoft Copilot to generate content and predict customer trends. This will help our customers reduce the cost of maintaining online stores and create an attractive shopping experience for their own customers.

What new opportunities are your customers discovering?

Businesses can provide their sales teams with effective tools to help close sales faster, saving time and increasing revenue. Sales teams can then direct all their efforts into maintaining and creating relationships with customers. From our research, we found that the time required to complete sales can be 60 per cent lower if firms invest in our technology, enabling them to focus on enhancing account management and customer experiences.


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