Drift uses Microsoft solutions to help clients personalise customer journeys

Drift uses Microsoft solutions to help clients personalise customer journeys

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Dynamics 365 and Teams allow Drift customers to make quicker connections with buyers

Amber Hickman |

Conversation cloud firm Drift is using Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 to support businesses in personalising their customer journeys.

Drift aims to accelerate innovation for businesses and help them to recognise the power of conversational marketing and sales. It enables users to build business-to-business pipelines and increase sales velocity whilst strengthening their own buyers’ relationship management.

Drift customers can use Dynamics 365 to maintain a single source of truth for customer relationship management data, take action when buyers are on their site and build pipelines faster. The solution also automatically synchronises contacts and chat transcripts from Drift into Dynamics 365 to maintain a record of sales activities.

Drift also aims to help customers schedule meetings quicker in Microsoft Teams, by adding a unique teams conference link to meetings booked through either the Drift bot, chat, email or profiles.

The close alignment with Microsoft solutions builds on Drift’s recent partnership with the firm and becoming a Microsoft independent software vendor.

“Drift’s integrations make it easier for businesses to buy from businesses – all while using the software that companies already know and love,” said Andrew Arocha, chief revenue officer at Drift. “This integration with Microsoft underscores our commitment to providing Drift customers with an integrated technology stack to overcome market challenges and build ongoing value to support their teams and revenue generation.”

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