DXC Technology unveils DXC Bionix to provide automated IT services

DXC Technology unveils DXC Bionix to provide automated IT services
Solution leverages analytics, AI and lean processes to improve efficiency across companies

Elly Yates-Roberts |

DXC Technology has unveiled DXC Bionix, a new digital-generation services delivery model that uses analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), lean processes and automation to deliver intelligent automation at scale across large enterprises.

Designed to improve companies’ global delivery systems, DXC Bionix leverages analytics and AI to gain real-time insights into business processes and operations. Meanwhile, lean processes eliminate inefficiencies and help to optimise team performance. The solution’s automation capabilities allow companies to automate tasks, processes and workflows to improve response time and accuracy.

“Technology innovation and intelligent automation are rapidly changing the IT services business, and clients want to maximise performance and business outcomes from technology investments,” said Stephen Hilton, executive vice president of Global Delivery at DXC Technology. “By bringing smart industrial engineering into our delivery processes, we can work in a highly dynamic, repeatable and scalable way to deliver exceptional and transformative solutions to our clients.”

DXC Bionix’s assisted robotic process automation capabilities can decrease business process transaction time by 65%, help companies achieve a 50-80% reduction in time spent on operations, and cut the average applications deployment time from 180 to 15 minutes. In addition, the solution enables companies to decrease testing costs by 25%, defects by 50% and testing times by 60%.

In addition, the solution’s real-time data collection and analysis capabilities mean companies and their clients can measure performance so they can make more informed decisions and produce more predictable results.

“We are also empowering our workforce by investing in our people, driving a cultural shift and elevating skillsets to ensure that DXC has the right digital-generation talent to optimally meet current and future clients’ needs,” said Hilton. “For DXC, our partners and clients, DXC Bionix enables us to work smarter, faster and more efficiently – achieving new thresholds of quality and performance.”

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