Enabling powerful development with MECOMS and Microsoft

Enabling powerful development with MECOMS and Microsoft

Energy and utility firms can use Microsoft PowerApps and the MECOMS 365 platform to custom-build apps

Elly Yates-Roberts |

In the competitive energy and utility market, companies must be able to handle complex processes while at the same time reacting quickly to change. These processes are often easier to manage if users can focus on their activity, enabled by the capabilities of Microsoft PowerApps.

Microsoft PowerApps allows you, even without development skills, to build applications that are mobile and tablet friendly on top of your own data. This allows you to quickly look at the data, modify it or even create extra data through low code development.

Low code development allows you to build your application through configuring the user interface elements and Excel-like formulas. Starting from sample apps, templates or even a blank screen you can fully develop your apps to make them more effective as a business tool and to make them more attractive. You are in control of how the app should look like and which data you want to work with.

Using PowerApps, you can create specific apps based on our MECOMS 365 platform. The platform is designed specifically for utility providers, giving them access to the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 tailored to the specific needs of an energy and utility company. By designing apps based on the platform, utility companies can therefore enable their employees to have access to their specific utility-related data such as contracts, meter data and invoices to make better and faster decisions.

For example, if you are a grid operator who wants your field technicians to be able to update index values of certain metering points when they are on site, you can create an app that lets you do just that. If you are an energy provider showcasing your offering for small businesses at an event, you can build an app that empowers your sales force to create quotes and contracts for new customers on the spot.

MECOMS customers are already using this technology to improve and speed up their processes. Build the app that fits you best and let MECOMS take care of the rest. 

Sören Feyens is solution manager at MECOMS

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