Enabling success for CG brands with Dynamics 365 and AI

Enabling success for CG brands with Dynamics 365 and AI


Retailers can leverage self-service business-to-business automation through Dynamics 365 to help CG brands improve customer experiences, order demand visibility and the ability to plan 

Leveraging Microsoft technology can help retailers to realise a myriad of business, employee and customer benefits, says Mazars’ John Accardi    

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Being a leading global implementation partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) products, including Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Fraud Protection and Intelligent Order Management, Mazars leverages proven proprietary project implementation methodology and experience to enable retailers to achieve return on investment quickly. 

One of our key mantras is to do more with less, which is also an important philosophy for Microsoft. We achieve this by helping clients to leverage standard features in D365 to increase customer satisfaction, sales, and employee efficiency and effectiveness, without them having to make costly and time-consuming custom developments to the platform. 

Our Microsoft team is comprised of implementation and industry experts with a deep knowledge of D365 and experience in retail, supply chain, finance and IT. They understand retailers’ and consumer goods (CG) companies’ challenges and can anticipate roadblocks and advise clients on how to remain competitive. 

For example, they can explain how leveraging self-service business-to-business automation helps CG brands to improve customer experiences, order demand visibility and the ability to plan. In addition, they can show CGs how new Microsoft add-on tools to D365 such as Planning Service can help with intelligent inventory forecasting and replenishment automation, or how the new Inventory Visibility Service can be used to consolidate product inventory levels across internal and external channels. 

Microsoft has made big investments to embed artificial intelligence into D365 Copilot for business applications across supply chain, customer insights and marketing, customer service and sales, plus Viva Sales and Power Virtual agents. At the same time, Mazars has been focusing on AI innovation and working very closely with Microsoft to develop AI features in D365 Commerce. We have also been exploring how we empower developers with GitHub Copilot, Microsoft’s cloud-based AI tool that makes software code writing faster, easier and more efficient. 

In addition, we have developed the SAFE AI Framework, which focuses on secure, adaptable, factual and ethical applications of AI. We offer workshops that will help customers identify the best processes for AI automation. Our teams help clients ideate and prioritise with the goal of helping them determine a roadmap for incorporating AI into their organisations in a safe way. Our methodology considers how to use AI securely, as well as how to implement privacy and compliance guardrails.  

John Accardi is a principal at Mazars 

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