EPOS to combat cognitive overload in hybrid meeting environments

EPOS to combat cognitive overload in hybrid meeting environments

EPOS has partnered with Demant to research and develop BrainAdaptTM

The company has developed Meeting Room Solutions after researching how hearing impacts our brains

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Global audio brand EPOS has introduced Meeting Room Solutions to help employees combat cognitive overload and stay focused and productive in meetings.

EPOS has partnered with healthcare and technology group Demant to research how hearing impacts the human brain and used its findings to develop its Meeting Room Solutions product portfolio.

To accommodate the increased adoption of hybrid working, EPOS has developed EPOS BrainAdaptTM, a solution to help the human brain process artificial sound, increase focus, reduce stress and boost productivity.

It has also developed headsets, speakerphones and video bars that are built on EPOS BrainADaptTM technology and are designed to support the brain’s natural way of processing sound, enabling users to easily adapt to the sound environment of a hybrid meeting and reduce cognitive load.

For example, EPOS’s intelligent video conferencing solutions, such as its Bluetooth speakerphone, improve the quality of sounds in meetings held in small- and medium-sized rooms. Meanwhile, its upcoming intelligent speakers, the EPOS Expand Capture 5, will provide voice attribution transcription for meetings held on Microsoft Teams, which support 16 different languages.

In a recent hybrid working study, EPOS found that employees spend an average of seven hours per week in virtual meetings, an increase of two hours per week since 2020. The company’s product development strategy has focused on its findings that 63 per cent of employees regularly experience issues due to poor sound quality on calls and 56 per cent believe that good audio will prevent moments of stress at work.

“As much of the world begins to return to physical or hybrid workspaces, ensuring that audio and video technology is easy to set up and use is now a matter of workplace hygiene,” said Torben Christiansen, director of technology at EPOS. “IT and C-suite managers are often inundated with tech-related issues in hybrid meetings, causing stress and time wasted. Beyond this, we need to ensure that workers are equipped with the resources necessary to reduce cognitive overload when sitting in hours of these meetings a day.”

EPOS will soon announce additional products for its Meeting Room Solutions portfolio.

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