Federico Botti and Andrea Boggio discuss Kyndryl’s new Cyber Operations Centre

Federico Botti and Andrea Boggio discuss Kyndryl’s new Cyber Operations Centre

Andrea Boggio (left) and Federico Botti

The firm is strengthening its security and resilience services in Italy and providing support and protection for customers 

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With cybersecurity threats increasing around the world, it’s more important than ever for organisations to ensure that they are resilient in the face of attacks. As companies reevaluate their security strategies to adapt to the changing threat landscape, Kyndryl is establishing a new Cyber Operations Center in Rome, Italy, to help provide support and protection for its customers in the country. Federico Botti, practice leader for security and resilience at Kyndryl Italy, highlights the particularly challenging set of threats Italy has faced in recent years. 

“Threats to Italian organisations have grown by 527 per cent over the last five years,” he says. “That accounts for 7.6 per cent of all global attacks, which is rather big for a country with only 0.78 per cent of the world’s total population and 1.87 per cent of global GDP. It’s a growing trend that convinced us that this was an important battlefield for Kyndryl to take the lead in, given the experience we have in handling mission-critical environments.” 

The centre will offer a wide portfolio of cyber resilience services that support Kyndryl’s Managed Security Service Provider capabilities. These include designing and delivering managed services on all aspects affecting customer security, from endpoint detection and response to application security. 

“The Cyber Operations Center is something we believe can become crucial to our offering,” says Botti. “It will help us to detect, triage, investigate and respond to advanced threats, using a wide variety of advanced technologies and analytics. We’ve made a big investment in more than 170 skilled professionals across our services, and we can leverage our global scale in supporting our customers. The Cyber Operations Centre is at the heart of our approach.” 

The centre is already supporting 10 of Kyndryl’s partners in Italy to build cyber resilience. Andrea Boggio, associate director of cyber resilience at Kyndryl, explains how the Center has already helped carry out complex projects. 

“One important trend we see is that our customers, who are typically very big organisations, are beginning their journey to the cloud,” says Boggio. “For example, we are working with several customers to help them move to the cloud and Microsoft Sentinel. This is a significant task which involves changing the customers’ rule set and processes, but at the centre we’ve developed a use case-driven framework which helps us carry out the project. The Cyber Operations Center provides us with the capacity to leverage platforms like Sentinel, according to the needs of each specific case.”  

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