Ferranti and Solgari combine Dynamics 365 utilities solutions

Ferranti and Solgari combine Dynamics 365 utilities solutions
Solgari’s all-channel communications solution will be available within the MECOMS 365 platform

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Energy and utilities solution provider Ferranti and business communications firm Solgari have partnered to combine their Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud solutions for the utilities industry. As a result, Solgari will make its all-channel communications solution available within the MECOMS 365 platform. 

Solgari’s offering helps its customers increase efficiency and meet compliance requirements, while the MECOMS 365 platform gives users access to Microsoft Dynamics 365, tailored to the needs of the energy and utilities industry. 

“MECOMS 365 and Solgari are bringing together our innovative Dynamics 365 independent software vendor solutions to provide a powerful end-to-end solution for the utility and power industry,” said Vance Harris, chief technology officer at Solgari. “As partners, we deliver transformative outcomes around customer engagement for any utility company with heavy communications requirements.” 

By combining the solutions, the firms aim to make Solgari’s all-channel communications solution available everywhere. Users can simply log into Dynamics 365 via a device and start using the solution, facilitating operational flexibility. 

The move will also transform the customer experience by allowing them to communicate with the utility provider through multiple channels, and will enable automated communication via chatbots and interactive voice response.

Enterprises will also benefit from improved compliance and a single data view of their customers, as they can record, archive, search and retrieve all customer conversations. 

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