Five questions executives should be asking their security teams

Five questions executives should be asking their security teams

A new e-book from Microsoft provides a cybersecurity checklist to help enterprises reduce risk  

Richard Humphreys |

Data breaches are more than a security problem. A significant attack can shake your customer base, partner relations, executive staff, profits, and revenue. Historic data breaches have cost executives their jobs, resulted in major revenue losses and damaged brand reputations.

According to Risk Based Security’s recent Data Breach QuickView report, 2016 broke the previous all-time high for the number of records exposed from reported data breaches.  The 4,149 data breaches reported during 2016 exposed over 4.2 billion records.

With 102 countries reporting at least one data breach in 2016, Risk Based Security’s research suggests that no industry, organisation size or geographic location, is immune to a data breach. The total number of reported breaches tracked by Risk Based Security has exceeded 23,700, exposing over 9.2 billion records.

With all this in mind, in this world where data breaches have become commonplace, what steps can be taken to minimise damage?

Microsoft has released a new e-book to help enterprises to get the insight they need to make a cybersecurity checklist and minimise risk by asking these five key questions: 

1.            How often do you see non-sanctioned cloud services in use?
2.            Are we protecting ourselves against insider threats?
3.            Do we have a cybersecurity task force in place?
4.            Is our BYOD policy secure?
5.            Do you feel limited by your security budget or staff size?

Download a copy here.


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