Formpipe Lasernet celebrates 30 years with new partnerships

Formpipe Lasernet celebrates 30 years with new partnerships

Collaboration with M7 and Arineo aim to improve the customer experience for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Danish software provider Formpipe Lasernet is celebrating 30 years of success with new partnerships with Iceland-based services and consultancy firm M7 and German technology solutions firm Arineo. 

The new partnerships aim to improve the customer experience for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users. 

Formpipe Lasernet has expanded from selling a handware box to a cloud-based software product, providing customer communication solutions by creating and distributing well-designed documents that work across multiple platforms. 

The collaboration with M7 will provide expanded Microsoft Dynamics offerings to the two firms’ joint customers. 

“We believe the biggest sources of opportunity are collaboration and partnership, therefore we are very excited about our partnership with Formpipe,” said Enok Jón, managing director of M7. “Together with Formpipe we can create benefits for both our companies and of more importance, for our customers. With cooperation between us and Formpipe, we can offer our customers a broader scope of solutions to help them streamline and increase productivity within their businesses.”

Formpipe’s partnership with Arineo aims to simplify the processes around creation, maintenance and distribution of business documents for customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365. Arineo offers mid-range companies solutions to help with their digital transformation, as well as advice, process analysis and implementation of solutions related to Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP Commerce Cloud and general cloud infrastructure services. 

“Arineo has quickly chosen after its launch to collaborate with Formpipe to secure a competitive advantage against more established digital transformation providers,” said Allen Jones, managing director of Formpipe Lasernet. “Formpipe is absolutely certain that the energy of this start-up will enthuse the Microsoft Dynamics 365 market through their already solid products portfolio.”

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