Four key strategies to expand the use of immersive technology

Four key strategies to expand the use of immersive technology
Capgemini research identifies strategies of firms who are realising the most benefit from AR and VR

Richard Humphreys |

A new report by the Capgemini Research Institute titled “Augmented and Virtual Reality in Operations: A guide for investment” has identified a group of early achievers who are driving the most benefits from their immersive technology initiatives. Representing 16% of the total companies surveyed, these organisations are focusing on four key strategies to expand their augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) initiatives:

1. Put a centralised governance model in place and build AR/VR awareness: 78% of early achievers have dedicated central teams or innovation centres to manage the organisation’s overall AR/VR activities, compared with only 51% of other companies.

2. Invest in upgrading talent to gear up for future adoption: 93% of early achievers are investing heavily in agile, in-house teams of experts, compared with only 76% of the rest of companies surveyed. 

3. Focus on the right use cases that provide lasting value and support employees: Finding the right use case and testing its applicability is one of the top three priorities for early achievers, whereas currently, the inability to identify a use case is a challenge for more than 50% of organisations.

4. Prepare technology infrastructure to integrate AR/VR: The report found that a lack of data and technology readiness are major barriers to AR/VR adoption. For enterprises, the need of the hour is to ensure smooth AR/VR integration with their existing technologies as well as their culture.

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