GainX and Microsoft help businesses tackle innovation projects

GainX and Microsoft help businesses tackle innovation projects
The Microsoft Accelerator partner is hosting its innovation management technology on Azure

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London-based GainX has teamed up with Microsoft to offer a platform that allows executives at banks and other financial firms to monitor innovation plans, investment, research and ideas.

The company, which develops technology to help businesses manage innovation, is part of Microsoft’s London Accelerator – an initiative set up to give start-ups like GainX access to invaluable resources such as free use of office space in the capital, one-to-one mentorship, fundraising, finance, free software, and access to Microsoft’s products and potential investors.

As a result of the programme, GainX’s platform now runs on Azure. It uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioural analytics such as Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite and SQL Server to allow companies to quickly see which digital transformation projects are struggling and how much money is being wasted on them.

“Financial services leaders are frustrated by the current lack of transparency into the billions invested in innovation,” said Warwick Hill, chief executive in residence and managing director of Microsoft Accelerator London. “GainX, enabled by Microsoft Azure, provides financial services companies with cloud-enabled intelligence, allowing them to move to a more empirical model of return on innovation investment calculation. We are incredibly excited about the potential this company offers our enterprise financial services customers.”

GainX’s tools include:

  • Intellect, which offers real-time visibility across a company, resulting in better employee communications, quicker decisions on investments and shared accountability 
  • OpenThinking Flow-AI, which spots talent and behavioural gaps in teams, allowing bosses to spot which areas need more staff and the skills they must have Idea 
  • Campaign Management lets companies create high-performance teams 
  • Corporate Analytics offers insights into a business via a 20-minute survey.

“The majority of financial services innovators are struggling with visibility, digital strategy execution and employee resistance to change, which impedes agility. They need to see that their innovation spending is yielding real market impact,” said GainX chief executive Angelique Mohring. “We are honoured to be able to draw upon Microsoft’s technology, support and resources to bring our transformative technology to financial services companies in the UK and around the globe.”

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