Generative AI Summit: encouraging digital innovation

Generative AI Summit: encouraging digital innovation

Event will focus on a range of topics to help organisations leverage AI when it takes place on 20-22 May 2024 in London, UK

Amber Hickman |

Generative AI Summit is returning to London, UK, for its second year on 20-22 May 2024. 

The event will focus on practical applications and strategies for leveraging generative artificial intelligence to help businesses see commercial, operational and competitive success. 

There will be a range of sessions available for attendees, focusing on topics such as navigating AI risks, cost-effective strategies, ethical AI frameworks, optimising infrastructure and disrupting the industry. 

Generative AI Summit will have over 100 speakers, including Laura Edell, chief data scientist for AI markets and innovation at Microsoft; Wojciech Iwanczak, digital human resources director at Schneider Electric and experts from organisations such as the BBC, Mastercard, NHS England and Spotify. 

Find out more and register on the event’s website

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