Hannover Messe 2017: Jabil and Radius demo HoloLens tool

Hannover Messe 2017: Jabil and Radius demo HoloLens tool
Companies using holograms and 3D printing to improve innovation in the manufacturing process

Rebecca Gibson |

Global electronics manufacturing services provider Jabil and its consulting arm, Radius Innovation & Development, are using Microsoft HoloLens, Surface Studio and Windows 10 to accelerate product innovation and development.

The companies are using design software on Surface Studio, the holographic technology capabilities of Microsoft HoloLens and 3D printing technology to improve collaboration and innovation in the manufacturing process. The holograms and 3D capabilities allow manufacturers to manipulate and refine products in the initial design stage, while fostering group collaboration.

Jabil and Radius are demonstrating their work at Hannover Messe, taking place this week in Hannover, Germany. Here, the companies are leading interactive demonstrations to show how internet of things-enabled product design is already improving the healthcare industry by giving providers a better way to design infusion devices so doctors can administer dosages of vital fluids and medications to patients.

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