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Hannover Messe: Future of Work in Industry Conference and WomenPower

Hannover Messe: Future of Work in Industry Conference and WomenPower
Events will highlight how digital connectivity affects workers and explore success strategies

Elly Yates-Roberts |

This year’s Hannover Messe aims to highlight how digital connectivity affects people and machines in the age of artificial intelligence. The Future of Work in Industry Conference and WomenPower Congress will feature at the event and explore success strategies. 

The new Future of Work in Industry Conference on 3 April will bring together around 300 experts, thought leaders and industry executives to discuss the impact of digitisation on skill sets and work management. Following the three themes of leadership, skills and tools, speakers such as Siemens’ chief human resources officer Janina Kugel, Promerit partner Kai Anderson and IG Metall’s deputy chairperson Christiane Benner will present the skills necessary to future-proof companies and their employees. 

Philosopher and writer Richard David Precht will begin the conference with a speech on “The Digital Revolution: Why Redecorating the Deck Chairs on the Titanic Isn’t Enough.” The talk will explore the move towards an ‘achievement-oriented society’ which has been brought about by digitisation. 

On 4 April, the established WomenPower Congress will invite 1,400 women to discuss the current developments and challenges in the world of work in over 40 workshops. The event focuses on women’s under-representation in industrial management, with speakers including Marion Rövekamp, chief of Human Resources and Legal Affairs at EWE; Hanna Hennig, chief information officer at Osram; and Maria Ferraro, chief financial officer of the Digital Factory at Siemens.

There will be many networking opportunities at WomenPower, with many exhibiting universities and organisations. Women Tec Day will take place on 4 April to address female leadership and digitisation. 

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