Hello Lamp Post provides engagement programme with Microsoft Azure

Hello Lamp Post provides engagement programme with Microsoft Azure
Hello Lamp Post

Communication between citizens and cities is encouraged through QR codes on street furniture

Internet of things solution enables citizens to scan QR codes and provide feedback or access wayfinding

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft Azure has provided a secure platform for the distribution of Hello Lamp Post, an on-street engagement programme which encourages communication between cities, citizens and visitors through the internet of things (IoT).

Hello Lamp Post connects to the IoT via QR codes located on street furniture and landmarks, which citizens and visitors can scan to provide feedback, access wayfinding and storytelling resources, and participate in urban design engagement.

Since its launch in 2018, Hello Lamp Post has been deployed in over 50 global areas including Vancouver, Canada; Sydney, Australia; London, Manchester, Belfast in Northern Ireland, UK; Texas, USA; and locations across Singapore.

“Using Microsoft Azure has really transformed what we are able to do,” said Ben Barker, co-founder of Hello Lamp Post. “It means that now and in the future we can scale from several hundred thousands of users to millions of users. It also means that we’ve got access to a wide suite of tools – machine learning, natural language processing and data analytics tools.”

The security of Microsoft Azure has also benefitted the company, which works with agencies such as councils, harbours and development corporations.

“Seeing the Azure badge and knowing that we’re working through the Microsoft Azure suite of tools really gives them confidence,” said Barker. “Now, Hello Lamp Post is well positioned to do what it does best: to engage disparate communities efficiently in new and exciting ways and to make our physical worlds interactive.”

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