How to create a more personal travel experience

How to create a more personal travel experience

Enda Curran explains how HPE Enterprise Services’ solutions are empowering airports and airlines 

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This article first appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of The Record.

Today’s travellers are powered by mobile internet access and they demand low fares, better information and superior products and services, making customer service delivery an important key differentiator for airports and airlines. Travel service providers must move to greater self-service solutions to improve the customer experience, as well as front- and ­back-office automation systems to streamline business operations. This requires digitised business processes to connect crews, agents and partners to drive customer engagement and increase employee productivity.

HPE Enterprise Services (HPE ES) can help providers to enhance the travel experience and maximise every touchpoint by combining customer information, business resources and digital technology on a flexible, mobile and m-commerce platform. The HPE ES Passenger Service Solutions suite of business-critical solutions cover all aspects of airline and airport operations, putting information in the hands of people who need it and empowering them to personalise the passenger experience.

Our end-to-end Connected Traveler Solution delivers a seamless travel experience, from the moment passengers book their travel, to when they are in the airport, on their flight and when they arrive at their final holiday destination. Geo-location technologies linked to a back-end data analytics platform interact with passengers’ mobile devices as they pass through the airports, providing them with personalised journey information and customised retail or dining offers. The same platform links airport and airline operations, and back- and front-end business processes, enabling staff to monitor passenger movements and quickly react to changes. 

Airlines can also streamline the way their cabin crew interacts with customers and enhance their in-flight services by adopting our Mobile Airline Crew Solution. Meanwhile, the HPE ES Irregular Operations Solution automatically notifies relevant airport staff about flight delays and cancellations so they can re-route passengers and baggage as quickly as possible. Not only does this help airport agents to immediately get operations back on track, but it also makes the airport experience smoother for passengers by preventing further delays. 

HPE ES’ secure industry solutions all leverage Microsoft Azure cloud services and are available on all mobile platforms, including Windows 10. This makes it easy for companies in the travel industry to transform into modern enterprises that place the customer and employee experience at the centre of their operations.

Enda Curran is the worldwide mobile applications services lead at HPE Enterprise Services


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