How to ensure a smooth transition to Microsoft Teams

How to ensure a smooth transition to Microsoft Teams

Pexip's Anders Lokke explains how businesses can make the transition from Skype for Business

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This article was originally published in the Summer 2018 issue of The Record.

Last year, when Microsoft announced its plan to retire Skype for Business Online and make Microsoft Teams the new platform for intelligent communications in Office 365, many companies started to think about how to integrate Teams into their ways of working.

As Pexip already delivers a Microsoft-certified interoperability solution for Skype for Business, we were pleased to announce that we will also do the same for Microsoft Teams.

Skype for Business has firmly established itself within corporate communications and positioned itself alongside traditional video conferencing for business meetings. As we all know, these solutions don’t easily work together, so vendors such as Pexip have helped solve these interoperability challenges. In fact, 9 out of 10 requests that we receive from customers are related to interoperability in one way or another.

Our priority in making video teleconferencing (VTC) interoperability available for Teams is to ensure continuity of functionality for customers, making it seamless and easy for organisations to start using Teams. Companies that already use Pexip will be able to use a single application for VTC interoperability with both Skype for Business and Teams without the need to run parallel environments. Moreover, as a cloud enterprise application, Pexip gives customers complete control of their conferencing environment – with audio, video and content in dedicated cloud application instances rather than sharing services with other organisations as is the case with standard software-as-a-service solutions. With dedicated instances comes full control of IT administration rights, versioning, quality of service, and integrations, which is extremely important in today’s complex communications environments.

Pexip Infinity is a cloud enterprise application that enterprises use to overcome their video communications interoperability challenges, and to extend the use of video to everyone inside or outside their organisation. With focus on scalability, control, and ease of use and integration with other systems, it is used by leading organisations worldwide.

If you are already familiar with Pexip Infinity video interoperability for Skype for Business and want to benefit from the same functionality for Microsoft Teams, it will be as simple as performing an upgrade and applying appropriate licensing keys when it becomes available – this results in a totally painless transition.   

Anders Lokke is head of marketing at Pexip


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