How Tollring helped Make-A-Wish UK to grant life-changing wishes

How Tollring helped Make-A-Wish UK to grant life-changing wishes


The charity is enhancing its communications with Tollring’s Analytics 365 application for Microsoft Teams to better support children with serious medical conditions 

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The Make-A-Wish foundation was established in 1986 to grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Since then, effective communication has been pivotal in ensuring that the organisation can effectively achieve this goal by enabling employees to do everything from answering calls and accepting donations, to providing support to beneficiaries.  

To manage its communications, the UK-based team migrated its telecommunications infrastructure to Microsoft Teams in 2022 but it wanted to capitalise on the vast amount of information being generated by these calls to help it further improve its services.  

Recognising the value of this data, Make-A-Wish UK implemented Tollring’s Analytics 365 application, which provides visibility of collaboration and interactions between Teams users to drive informed decisions. Analytics 365 enables users to observe trends of both internal and external collaboration, enabling organisations to deliver good customer experiences while also monitoring internal collaboration to support staff wellbeing.  

Make-A-Wish was able to create dashboards in Analytics 365 for reporting on meeting durations, interactions and identifying opportunities to enhance collaboration across the organisation.  

“We can now monitor all Teams phone calls coming in, if calls are going unanswered or dropping off, the average call length as well as the balance of internal versus external engagement across the team,” says Oli Wilson, technology and workplace manager at Make-A-Wish UK. “The call information from Analytics 365 is hugely valuable for the team that looks after supporter experience. This group picks up the calls to our main number, talking to wish families, children, major donors or individual givers. They can now understand how many inbound calls are handled, the length of calls and see those that are missed.” 

This information allows the organisation to measure the cost of any unreturned calls based on the average value of a phone donation and the number of calls received. Make-A-Wish can then ensure that as many donated funds as possible are being used to grant children’s wishes.  

“The analytics have been a real eye-opener,” says Katy Meade, impact data and experience lead at Make-A-Wish UK. “The number of missed calls was far higher than we expected. We can now address our shift patterns to ensure every call is answered in future.”  

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