Icertis uses Microsoft Azure to facilitate remote working

Icertis uses Microsoft Azure to facilitate remote working
VPNs and Microsoft Teams enable effective collaboration while following Covid-19 precautions

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Software company Icertis is making the most of its Microsoft Azure investment to facilitate remote working as per governmental guidelines to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Icertis has set up virtual private networks (VPNs) and is using Microsoft Teams to work and collaborate effectively at home. 

Icertis had to ensure its remote working procedure would cater for its over 1,000 worldwide employees and 400 engineers who require high network bandwidths. To do this, it deployed a site-to-site VPN from its on-premises data centre to the Azure cloud. Using Azure, the company was able to make its local network appear exactly the same as its resources in Azure in less than a day. The Site-to-Site VPN enables work to carry on as it would in the office, by fully connecting its on-premises servers to the cloud.  

To ensure its entire staff could work from home effectively, Icertis also enabled a point-to-site VPN. Its normal VPN routed through an on-premises corporate firewall but would constrain operations if everyone started accessing the network remotely. With the Azure Point-to-Site VPN, individual employees can now connect directly to resources in Azure safely and securely, removing the bottleneck of office internet connectivity. 

Icertis has also switched fully to Microsoft Teams to enable staff to communicate and collaborate as easily as if they were in the office together. “When a tool like this becomes a habit, productivity soars!” wrote Monish Darda, chief technology officer at Icertis, in a recent blog post

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