Improving patient experiences with cloud-enabled healthcare

Improving patient experiences with cloud-enabled healthcare

Avtex is using the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to help organisations during the Covid-19 pandemic

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The customer experience is a major part of our vision at Avtex, and when working with our healthcare clients, our first step is to take a detailed look at the journey for the employee and the patient. 

The employee experience is often overlooked, but we know that when employees are happier, they deliver a better consumer experience. However, the patient journey is very different now compared to nine months ago and the way healthcare providers serve their patients must adjust accordingly. The Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is enabling this change.

Mary Washington is a healthcare provider based in the US and it, like many health systems, was struggling to get patients to return after closures caused by Covid-19. Many providers stopped delivering elective services to ensure there was capacity for those admitted with the virus. However, once they reopened, healthcare providers found that people did not rush back like they did to dentists and hair salons. Not only were patients socially distancing, they continued to medically distance.

At Avtex, we saw an opportunity for us to help these organisations bring patients back and used the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare as the technology foundation for our Patient Reactivation Program.

By using the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, along with our customer experience expertise, Avtex was able to unify and digitally enrich healthcare data to create a more complete record of the patient and ultimately create a more personalised experience. For example, using the Program, healthcare providers can gain insights into which patients have had appointments deferred or cancelled, and reach out to patients with a personalised message rather than a generic brochure or TV advertisement. Now, instead of relying on generalised messaging, healthcare providers can create personalised communication to let patients know that their provider knows who they are, values their business and wants to help them. 

The Avtex Patient Reactivation Program is already encouraging patients to return to healthcare, which ultimately means they are getting the care they need, when they need it, rather than staying away and allowing their condition to worsen. 

While our solutions are helping organisations combat the issues caused by the current pandemic, I believe they are also key to modern, proactive healthcare. 

Some of the clients who were using these solutions previously were better able to pivot and redeploy them to address the pandemic. Others who were onboarded during the pandemic are now starting to use them in other situations to better position their health system.

At Avtex, we are helping healthcare providers to build on existing investments, stabilise their financial situation and help their patients achieve better health outcomes. 

Mike Pietig is the vice president of healthcare experience at Avtex Solutions

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