Indian educators use Microsoft Teams to teach remotely

Indian educators use Microsoft Teams to teach remotely
Platform enables teachers and students to interact and collaborate during Covid-19 lockdown

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Education institutions across India are using Microsoft Teams to ensure students continue to learn during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

The British School in New Delhi moved to Teams before the Covid-19 precautions were put in place, to enable its teachers and students to interact and collaborate in remote learning scenarios.

“Human beings in general thrive on social interaction, which was missing in traditional e-learning platforms,” said Vanita Uppal, director of The British School. “You can never really replace a teacher because the teacher provides that human interaction, but I think platforms like Teams enable a teacher to be able to reach out to their classroom remotely and continue to interact.” 

The Ardee School in New Friends Colony has also implemented the video-enabled platform to ensure learning is not interrupted. 

“In the beginning, we invested in a video conferencing solution but soon realised we needed to offer a lot more to our students than video conferencing,” said Rashima Varma, head of The Ardee School. “Keeping that in mind, we got an Office 365 subscription for the entire school in 2019 as it provided many tools for teaching and learning,” she adds.

The school’s foresight proved a success when the Delhi government closed secondary classes as a result of the city’s air pollution levels. Teachers moved their classes to Teams and this preliminary experience enabled the school to deploy the platform fully for the Covid-19 lockdown. 

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