InnoWave reveals new additions to InnSpect portfolio

InnoWave reveals new additions to InnSpect portfolio

Tools for the media industry include InnSpect QoS, InnSpect ONE and InnSpect AI

Richard Humphreys |

At the recent IBC event at the RAI in Amsterdam, Microsoft partner InnoWave revealed the new additions to its InnSpect portfolio of cross-device test automation products for the media industry, comprising InnSpect QoS, InnSpect ONE and InnSpect AI which are built using c#, the .NET framework, Windows server and SQL server.

According to InnoWave, InnSpect QoS “breaks sound and image barriers and can validate the bit and byte quality on video streaming content”. A new set of algorithms have been designed to test and validate image and sound, helping to improve video streaming quality.

InnSpect QoS is especially aimed at content and streaming providers, and with the quality of experience (QoE) features, it is possible to cover the two large automation sectors, from general navigation or correct loading to audio and picture excellence.

InnSpect ONE, meanwhile, is a portable device that allows clients and TV operators to measure the quality and stability of a television service. As InnSpect ONE is a similar size to that of a set top box, it can be taken anywhere and even placed at a customer’s house to track and benchmark the service they receive. Additionally, it allows a client’s test teams to have their personal device to design new test cases or, when needed, to execute tests on demand.

The development and integration of artificial intelligence algorithms in test automation tools is not yet introduced to the market but InnoWave are close to making the first step. InnSpect AI will be able to automatically map the complete user interface of an application and discover multiple navigation paths to identify and cover all the different areas of a system.

The new ability will allow test plans and automation scripts to be created and maintained, reducing the resources needed to do this. InnSpect AI aims to reduce software costs and time to market, with competitive benefits for developers and better experiences to end clients.

The development and completion of InnSpect AI are expected to be ready by the end of the year.

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