InsideView launches Data Integrity for Microsoft Dynamics 365

InsideView launches Data Integrity for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Solution helps users enrich CRM data, improve data health and drive revenue

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Software-as-a-service company InsideView has launched a new Data Integrity for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to help businesses enrich their customer relationship management (CRM) data, improve data health and drive revenue and operational effectiveness. 

The new solution enables users to standardise and clean their CRM data to unify customer profiles, create family tree linkages to identify organisations and individuals in a corporate family tree, use lead-to-account mapping, develop a holistic view of customers and prospects, and make interactive trend graphs that provide insights into data hygiene. 

“In a time when sales and marketing are increasingly virtual, bad data can cost companies millions,” said Umberto Milletti, CEO of InsideView. “It trickles down into every department and project. If you’re working with the wrong data, you’re wasting time and resources and giving your prospects a negative impression of your company. InsideView Data Integrity taps into the consistent, credible and trustworthy data you’ve come to expect from InsideView Insights to update and enrich all your data automatically.”

Dynamics 365 customers can now use InsideView Insights’ data to clean and enrich their own CRM data automatically and at scale. 

“With everyone working from home, InsideView data has become critical for our sales team, enabling us to research prospects in global regions and find new ways to connect with decision-makers,” said Anthony Cuellar, senior vice president of global marketing at Diversified, an InsideView customer. “It’s shown us how valuable clean and enriched data is for sales and marketing especially as we expand into new markets around the world. By maintaining the health and accuracy of our customer data, InsideView Data Integrity will allow us to get even more benefit out of our CRM.”

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