Isolved launches conversational AI chatbot for Microsoft Teams

Isolved launches conversational AI chatbot for Microsoft Teams

Employees can use the virtual assistant to ask questions and complete everyday HR tasks 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Enterprise software provider Isolved is launching a new virtual assistant (VA) for Microsoft Teams. The chatbot, which will be powered by artificial intelligence (AI), will help employees carry out everyday human resources (HR) tasks, without leaving their preferred workflow platform.  

Available as a part of isolved People Cloud, the VA will be able to answer employees’ questions without requiring input from HR staff. This accessibility has the potential to improve efficiency and productivity, while also quickly providing information about time-off balance or benefits.  

“Conversational VAs are now a part of our everyday lives yet aren’t widely available where we spend most of our time – at work,” said James Norwood, chief marketing and strategy officer at Isolved. “By bringing a conversational VA to common collaborative and messaging apps, employees can take care of HR tasks far more quickly and then get back to making an impact for their organisation. At the same time, employers benefit from offering an intuitive consumer-like experience that reduces friction and improves retention.” 

According to Isolved, the new VA can provide other benefits to employers, including simplifying the onboarding process for new hires and improving communication and collaboration between colleagues.  

Isolved plans to roll out new use cases for the VA, for example in workforce management, talent acquisition and talent management, as well as integrating it into other collaboration platforms.  

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