isolved to release AI-powered tools on Microsoft Azure platform to empower employees

isolved to release AI-powered tools on Microsoft Azure platform to empower employees


New features designed to catch payroll errors before they occur, support employees with personalised educational content and match candidate profiles to job requirements

Alice Chambers |

Human capital management software company isolved has released a roadmap for incorporating artificial intelligence-powered tools within its People Cloud platform, which runs on Microsoft Azure.

isolved will embed its Conversational Virtual Assistant – which offers human resources (HR) insight for employees through a natural language processing chatbot – within People Cloud to increase its accessibility across web and mobile applications. This will enable employees to ask questions using text or voice and have access to answers quickly.

It will also release isolved Perfect Payroll to help employees catch payroll errors before they occur, and an ‘employee experience personalisation engine’ to create personalised career development pathways for existing employees. It will do this by  intelligently matching employees with learning and development content based on their individual careers and current performance.

“Both small- and medium-sized businesses are hungry to realise the benefits and competitive advantage AI tools can offer,” said James Norwood, chief strategy officer at isolved. “Our job is to continue embedding the immense business value of AI into isolved People Cloud to bring this powerful and far-reaching technology to organisations of any size to make their lives, and the lives of their employees, easier.”

In addition, isolved is expediting the process for authoring job descriptions by using a large language model to identify and match candidate profiles against job requirements. It will also continue to provide automated responses to frequently asked questions from employee handbooks, reducing the amount of time HR and payroll practitioners spend answering repetitive questions.

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